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Automation Industry Association

Automation India

Issue 14 | January 2010

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Featured Article

Automation Going Forward

The automation industry in India has come of age and can breathe easy knowing that most of the global automation development centers are placed in their backyard. The availability and feasibility of employing these solutions is a comforting thought. But, the question facing the manufacturing companies is far from answered by the mere presence of the global players.

AutomationTech 2009 held in Mumbai discussed many of the issues at hand and how they could be tackled. Some of the leading innovators and veterans of automation industry were present to be a part of this keynote discussion.

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Upcoming Automation Event

Automotive Engineering Show at Pune – Feb 8-10, 2010

The focus of 1st International Automotive Engineering Show in 2008 was on enabling technologies for the manufacturing industry. AIA member companies shared insights on how manufacturers across the globe are cutting life cycle costs, increasing productivity, enhancing functional safety, and ensuring complete visualization through e-Manufacturing.

The 2010 edition takes place again at Pune, from February 8th-10th. Come and witness the latest offerings in the field of automation like RFID. Serious investors and experts can register at AIA Pavilion and explore the range of companies and technologies available and collectively discuss experiences and strategies to move ahead. Automation seminars and vendor-neutral courses can also be explored.

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Volunteering and Leadership Development

By volunteering for leadership in professional organizations you expand your career and continue your professional growth. Don’t overlook the possibility that you can gain tangible benefits from service—beyond the vagaries of visibility, contacts, or credentials. Benefits accrue in terms of additional self-expression and personal expansion.

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Campus Connect Initiative

Calling all Companies and Colleges to Build a Nation-wide Campus Connect Initiative

AIA, starting January 2010, is offering courses to select engineering colleges on industrial automation. A composite course, developed by AIA members and industry experts, aims to develop interest among engineering graduates. The classroom training sessions will be supplemented by real-life case studies, videos, and online tutorials.

If you are a faculty in any engineering college or an industry professional with a passion of teaching, please visit us on the web to learn how you can be a part of this initiative.

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Recent automation event

AutomationTech 2009

Sponsored by leading automation players like ABB, Larsen and Toubro, Siemens, Honeywell, Emerson, Invensys, Chemtrols, Forbes Marshall, and Endress + Hauser, AIA-India recently organized its 3rd premier cross-industry conference on 6th Nov 2009.

AutomationTech 2009 showcased future directions and best practices that the industry can adopt by leveraging automation technologies for improving operational excellence and productivity, higher efficiency in energy use, increasing security and safety of critical assets, and better environmental protection from industrial waste and pollution.

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The Right Level of Measurement to Improve Food Processing Operation - ifm electronic

Ultrasonic or optical point level sensors are used today to detect level in hoppers and bulk conveyors. However, these sensors monitor only a single point versus an entire area.

When “hills and valleys” are present in the product, accurate level is not actually indicated. A 3D photo sensor based on time-of-flight principle can help you improve your food processing operation.

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From Proximity Switch to Positioning System, Pepperl+Fuchs

The highly successful inductive proximity switch concept is now 50 years old. It has become the most important representative of non-contact and, therefore, reaction-free switching devices in the factory and process automation sector. This sensor principle has now begun the second stage of its evolution.

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